The Predecessors of Las Vegas

By | March 11, 2021

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The town of Las Vegas is a beautiful place to visit. The main business district, the strip formerly known as Las Vegas Boulevard, has all of the modern amenities and shopping your heart desires. This area was once the site of a legendary race track. Locals and visitors alike love the awesome casinos, shopping and shows that line the main drag on the Las Vegas Strip. One of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas is the Venetian Resort and Spa. Located on the south end of the strip formerly known as Las Vegas Boulevard, the Venetian is a stunning, 19-story building with hundreds of rooms and luxury facilities.

The Venetian is one of two remaining buildings from the former Gold Rush era that has been preserved and is open to the public. On the northwest corner of the building is a historic landmark called the Silver Bullet restaurant. The building was destroyed in a major fire a few years back, but it has recently been completely reconstructed. The hotel was completely destroyed as well, but the old Macy’s department store that was across the street from the former Gold Rush Building was saved, and is currently being operated by a New York based company.

Another former Vegas landmark is the former St. Elizabeth Hotel, which was destroyed in an earthquake. Nevada Governor Harry Allen approved saving the structure because it was threatened endangered species. As it happened, the structure was destroyed as well. Although the earthquake was destructive, the state managed to save much of the interior of the building including the basement. In addition to the hotel being saved, the entire structure was reassembled and is now a visitor center and museum.

A few blocks north of the former Gold Rush buildings on the downtown alleys, the Nevada State Capitol is also a great place for tourists to visit. The state capitol building is one of the most distinctive buildings in the United States. The building is two stories high and the central area has the U.S. capitol marble. The marble covers most of the front of the building and extends all the way around to the rear. The main entrance and rotunda are circular and the building is also decorated with murals and the remains of grand windows. The state capitol is a great place to take in some history and take in some panoramic views of Nevada.

Las Vegas is definitely not a quiet tourist destination like many other cities have become. It is filled with action and it is not uncommon to see several actions happening at any one time in downtown Las Vegas. Many of the Las Vegas hotels are very closely located to places where people are going to be performing including shows and concerts. Some hotels even have their own stage so that shows can be staged and attended by their guests.

If you go down to the Las Vegas strip in the evening you will find many bars and restaurants have gone dark. This is because the strip was very popularized by Steve Ross who is a famous casino owner. He wanted a casino that was bigger and more glamorous and he accomplished his goal with the creation of the famous Gold Rush. The area became infamous for its gambling and nightlife and Steve Ross closed many of the clubs but one of them, the Gold Ranch, was left standing and this became what is called the “Rodeo Drive.” You can still find some of the gold in the area as well as many of the same restaurants and hotels that were there before the drive was created.

The buildings that stand today as well as the stripfront businesses were destroyed during the “Gold Rush” and there are very few structures that are intact due to the fact they were never opened. The “Nevada gaming bills” that were used to demolish the stripdefunct closed many of the buildings including the Venetian and Tropicana. The “Nevada gaming bills” that are used today to tear down and rebuild the area are not nearly as extreme as the ones that were used on the strip. The “Nevada gaming bills” that are in use today are only a fraction of what they were back then and neither are the people who were forced out of their homes and businesses in Nevada.